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Bloom currently offers two courses based at St Johns Community Centre, Sherwood, Nottingham. If you are interested in our classes, we recommend that you book for when your pregnancy is dated between 20-36 weeks pregnant. On completion of the course you will be provided with an electronic course handbook, recommended reading and resources. 



Antenatal education 


4 x 2-hour group sessions

Run by Polly and Hannah


SESSION 1:  Antenatal: changes in pregnancy and preparations for mind and body for birth 
SESSION 2:  Birth: the journey for women and baby, ways to promote physiology

SESSION 3: Choices: in pregnancy and birth, informed decision making, birth plan preparation

SESSION 4: The postnatal period: what to expect in the early days with your baby, recovery, brief overview of infant feeding 



Baby and infant feeding: 1 x 4-hour session


This course will focus primarily on baby and infant feeding, taking an in-depth look at: 


1. The physiology of the breast, breastmilk production and lactation

2. The benefits of breastfeeding for you and your baby 

3. The key foundations for getting breastfeeding off to a good start and a successful breastfeeding journey 

Important: Bloom will NOT provide individual medical or obstetric advice.

We will always recommend that you speak directly to your care provider.

Please email us below to make an enquiry

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